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NEW! Social Media Frames!


Right click your choice of frame to save to your computer.

Use a program like Ribbet! to add your personal photo!


How to use Ribbet:

1. Go to and click red “edit a photo” button

2. Click red “upload a photo” button. This will pull up your computer’s saved documents. Choose the photo you want inside the frame.

3. Click “crop” located on the left side of the screen. There is a drop-down menu which starts with “no constraints”-pull down that menu and choose “square”.

4. Using your cursor, move and resize the square over your photo. Your photo should be in the center of the square allowing enough room for the march border to cover the edges. Once you are satisfied, click “apply” located on the left side of your screen

5. Click “upload a photo” located on the bottom left of your screen. This will once again pull up your computer’s documents. Find the area you saved the march frame in earlier. The image of the frame should appear in the “basket” in the bottom bar.

6.  Using your cursor, drag the frame from the basket and place anywhere over your photo. You can resize the frame to fit over your photo by dragging your cursor over the corners of the frame.

7. Click “save” located on the top middle of your screen (fourth tab).

8. Hit the red “save photo” button. Save photo into your computer’s documents. Your photo is now ready to show to all why you march!!!